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    Is Your Yard Full Of Water?

    Global Warming is indeed a fact and nowadays we are seeing more and more stormwater affecting us. Here are some steps below that will help you to learn how to remove stormwater from your yard.

    Step 1. What drainage system to use?

    If the water is concentrated in a once specific area, then a point drainage system  (catch basin system) may be a great fix for this issue. But if the water is spread across a wider area, then a linear drain system will be a more suitable solution (trench drain system).

    Step 2. Where to move water off your yard?

    Before you install your drainage system, ensure you decided where you plan to move the water off your system, since you will need to run a corrugated or PVC pipe to connect your drainage system to a sewer or another point.

    Step 3. Check underground lines.

    Before you dig, make sure there are no powered lines running through your yard. This can be done contacting the authorities based on your local regulations.

    Step 4. Order your drainage system.

    If this is a point drainage system (catch basins), then you may click the previous link to see all the available options to fit your requirements.

    Or you can click the following link for a linear drainage system (trench drains)if it is more suitable for your project.

    Before you order a trench drain system make sure you go over the following steps: Load class (A -pedestrian traffic only or B - vehicle traffic), the width of your channel - 4", 6" 8" or 12" -  and the depth of your system. The last two characteristics are directly related to the amount of water your drainage system will handle.

    Step 5. How to install.

    If you decide to go ahead with our drainage solution at Vodaland, you may find all the necessary installation instruction on our website.

    Click "installation documents" on the main menu or call us for details or help.

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