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Sku: 08818-RPK4
Sku: 08818-R2
Sku: 08818-R2PK4
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Specification and Downloads

  • 4" internal width trench drain radius system
  • 2.7" external depth
  • Plastic grating (black)
  • Designed for forming turns, curves, radius, etc.
  • Channels feature special turning connections not available on standard channels.
  • Can be used in combination with standard channels.
  • Complete set features x1 unit A, x2 unit B's, and x1 unit C. (Total length 51")
  • Additional unit B's can be purchased to extend length of system. (Each length 13-3/4")
  • Pedestrian load rated

Product Description

Vodaland's EASY 2 channels are ideal for home or garden installations. Easy to install due to snap-in connection on both ends of channels. This channel is specially designed to form around turns or curves using the "radius" technology. Grating clicks into the channel and may be easily removed for cleaning purposes. Channel has 4" internal width, 2.2" internal depth and 39.4" (1 m) length. Outside dimensions below.


Radius trench drains are comprised of 3 different channel units. Unit A: The starting channel, unit B: the middle channel, and unit C: the end channel. Customers require at least one of unit A, B, and C for every system. Additional unit B's can then be added to extend the length of the curve.


Article ............ 08818-RPK

Material ......... PPE Plastic

Set Outside Dimensions ... 39.4"L x 5"W x 3"H

Addition Outside Dimensions ... 13.75"L x 5"W x 3"H

Load Class .... A - Pedestrian Loads


1 - Radius channel - unit A (08818-R1)

2 - Radius channel - unit B (08818-R2)

1 - Radius channel - unit C (08818-R3)

ADDITIONAL UNIT B's can be purchased separately for extending the curve. End caps and bottom outlet nozzles are sold separately (come included with normal trench drain channel packages)


Installation Videos

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