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Understanding our loyalty program

At Vodaland, we believe in rewarding our loyal customers for their continued support. Our loyalty program is designed to offer a variety of rewards and benefits, ensuring every interaction with our brand is not only fulfilling but also rewarding. Let's dive into the works of the program and how you can maximize its benefits.

How Does It Work?

Our loyalty program in a simple yet effective premise: the more you purchase with us, the more rewards you unlock. Here is a breakdown of the components:

1. Sign-up: joining our loyalty program is effortless. Simply sign up on our website in the top right corner of the homepage and once enrolled you're instantly eligible to start earning rewards.

2. Tiered membership: with every purchase you make, you earn dollars towards tier levels. Once you reach a tier, you earn the benefits of that tier for 1 year.

3. Take advantage of the benefits: you can only earn dollars towards tiers when placing orders using your account, so make sure to log in with your account every time you go to make a purchase. Once a tier level is reached, a custom discount will automatically apply to all the products on the website when logged in.


1. Discounts: our loyalty program offers discounts based on tiers allowing you to save money on products.

2. Customer engineering services: eligibility to use our engineering services to assist with projects.

3. Easy checkout: with your account, your information will be saved, saving you time during checkout.

Our loyalty program is more than just a rewards system - it's a testament to our commitment to building meaningful relationships with our customers. By joining our program, you will not only unlock benefits but also become an integral part of our extended family. So why wait? Create our account today and start reaping the rewards of your loyalty!

Check out the tier system below!


Important: once you reach the minimum total in the current year, you will earn the benefits of that tier on future orders. The tier you end the year at will be your starting tier in the next year. If you do not maintain the minimum amount spent of your tier in the next year, you will be downgraded to the corresponding tier of the dollar amount spent. 

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