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3 Common Landscaping Drainage Problems and How To Avoid Them

Spotting landscape drainage in your yard is easy. Pools of water after a storm, water stains on your foundation, and soil erosion in your lawn are all signs. When you don’t have proper drainage, it can undo all the work you’ve put into your landscaping and cause property damage if left untreated.

Learn more about these three common landscaping drainage problems and how to avoid them to keep your property intact!

Garden Design

Poorly designed gardens can disrupt natural water flow and cause water to pool in plant beds. Having too much water in plant beds will kill your plants and can cause more significant property damage elsewhere.

To avoid this, you’ll need to calculate the proper slope so water will flow downhill. You would need to raise the plant beds or install a French drain to improve garden drainage.

Improper Grading

Improper grading is when the water from your yard flows towards your home rather than away from it. This can occur as your lawn settles over time. Water will pool and create ruts in your property, killing plant life, or worse, causing soil erosion near your home’s foundation.

You can correct grading issues by adding aggregate like gravel in a redistribution of soil and slopes. Digging creek beds can be another solution for water to flow away from your property.

Hardscape Areas

Paved surfaces can also have drainage problems. Hardscape areas like driveways, walkways, and terraces also need the correct slope to ensure excess water doesn’t pool and cause damage. To improve drainage near paved surfaces, you can opt for drainage trenches. Alternatively, you can adjust slopes.

You can also choose permeable pavers. These catch rainwater and direct runoff to a reservoir that allows excess water to seep into the ground gradually, decreasing any problems with standing pools of water in your yard.

You can learn more about permeable pavers and other surface drainage products with Vodaland. Understanding common landscape drainage problems and how to avoid them will help you protect your property from serious water damage!

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