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Different Types of Environmental Trench Drains

Trench drains are essential factors when creating any landscaping project, especially if your yard has issues with standing water, or to contain runoff in industrial applications. Since trench drains lead water to a sewage system, can they be environmentally friendly?

There are several different types of environmental trench drains you can opt for your landscaping, hardscaping, or industrial applications.

Types of Eco-Friendly Trench Drains

There are trench drains that are eco-friendly that can be used in a range of applications. Below you'll find a breakdown of the most common eco-friendly drains and how they're used.

Micro Channel Drain

Are you looking for a drainage solution for your home? Micro channel drains are great for areas that don’t need significant amounts of water drained. Usually, they’re used for residential drainage solutions for both landscaping and hardscaping, and the drains themselves are typically very narrow; so much so that they’re usually not noticeable, at only about an inch wide.

Mini Channel Drain

Mini channel drains are wider than micro channel drains, and since they are more apparent, you can customize the grates in a variety of ways through patterns, colors, and materials—like brass. They’re used in both homes and businesses and are usually almost twice the width of a micro channel drain.

Standard Channel Drain

Standard channel drains can be environmentally sound with the type of grate they use. They’re like other trench drains used in non-residential applications, with different options available to make the grates eco-friendly. Standard channels are nearly twice the width of mini channel drains.

Special Channel Drains

There are some trench drains with more specialized purposes. Special channel drains are also eco-friendly and include a few different options.

Wide Channel Drains

Wide channel drains are wider than standard channel drains by a small margin. They're a great option for areas that need to drain larger amounts of water but the grates are still inconspicuous.

Modular Channel Drains

Modular channels have a flexible design thanks to interlocking joints and are easily customizable with different types of grates. They’re suitable for a range of applications.

Sloping Drains

These drains have a built-in slope for eliminating standing water from industrial applications. They also tend to be modular for easier handling and installation.

Find Trench Drains at Vodaland

These different types of environmental trench drains need to meet both safety and sustainability requirements in your area. Contact us at Vodaland to find the trench drains for sale that will work best for your drainage issues.

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