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Commercial Permeable Paving Products

Commercial Permeable Pavers

Permeable paving solutions are a cost-effective way to pave surfaces for your business, both permeant and temporary, thanks to their adaptability and ease of installation.

Choosing a Permeable Paving Solution

Vodaland offers two commercial permeable pavers: HEXpave and EasyPave. Both are suitable for parking lots and walkways, with EasyPave being the most durable of the two. It can withstand up to 9,000 psi versus 5,000 psi of HEXpave.

These permeable paving solutions are non-toxic to the environment and animals and can withstand a temperature range between -40 to 40 Celsius. The strength and thickness of our commercial permeable pavers allow you to choose whichever aggregate best suits your needs.

With EasyPave, you can choose between two base layers, medium or heavy. Both are a gravel base that sit flush with the existing surrounding surface.Benefits of Commercial Permeable Paving System.

Whichever permeable paving system from Vodaland you choose will offer soil erosion control, among other benefits:

Built-In Drainage

Traditional materials, like asphalt and concrete, don't allow for rainfall and other water to drain away. Instead, they create standing water, which can lead to cracks and pitting. But a permeable paving solution allows rainwater and snowfall to seep into the ground below after being filtered through your choice of aggregate.

Fast Installation

Installing commercial permeable pavers takes only a fraction of the time that installing asphalt and concrete does. Paving a lot with these traditional materials can take days, if not weeks, but a team can install a permeable paving system on your property in as little as a day. Fast installation will help you avoid delays in opening your business.


Permeable paving solutions are eco-friendly because they return rainwater to your community’s groundwater supply rather than the sewage system. Any chemicals collected on the surface will be filtered in the aggregate, helping to protect your municipality’s clean waterways.

Choose Vodaland Permeable Pavers

Our experts will help you decide between HEXpave and EasyPave commercial permeable pavers to find the right solution for your parking lots and walkways. Contact us at Vodaland with any questions or concerns, and explore our other drainage solutions to protect your property.

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