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3 Signs You Should Replace Your Drainage System

Mastering landscaping is a difficult task and one that many homeowners struggle with because there are so many factors that cause issues for our yards and properties. One major problem for many individuals is improper property drainage, which can negatively impact your foundation and property. Here are three signs to look out for that indicate you should replace your drainage system.

Consistent Clogs

The most noticeable indicator of possible drainage issues is consistent drain clogs. Clogs happen naturally over time, but they’re usually rare occurrences. If you notice that clogs are becoming very regular or that drainage takes far too much time, you’ll probably require some repairs. If this problem affects multiple drains throughout your property, there’s a chance you’ll need a total drainage system replacement.

Uninvited Pests

When drainage sewers leak, the excess standing water almost always attracts unwanted pests. If you notice an overabundance of insects and small critters hanging around your yard or directly near drains, it’s best to check your system for damages. Some leaks occur due to the surrounding environment and the placement of your drainage system. However, issues impacting the structural integrity of your trench drains, such as punctures and cracks, will require replacement.

Poor Performance

If you notice that your trench drains and related systems aren’t working as effectively as they once were, this clearly indicates an issue. The problem could arise due to clogs, damages, environmental changes, or other outside factors. When you notice significant performance issues, such as flooding, it’s best to consider a replacement. You should have a professional service reassess your drainage needs and make the necessary adjustments.

Look out for these signs so that you’re ready to replace your drainage system when the time comes. For additional resources and landscape drainage products, you should check out our selection here.

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