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How To Know You Need a Slot Drain on Your Property

Property damage caused by water is one of the worst things that could happen to your home or building. The cost of repairs needed to remedy any issues is high, and you stand to lose a lot of value on your most important asset. Luckily, proper drainage systems are robust ways to prevent any catastrophic problems. A slot drain is designed to remedy flooding and soil erosion instances and helps prevent overwhelmed and underperforming storm drains. Here’s how to know you need a slot drain on your property.

Signs of Erosion

Soil erosion is one of the biggest indicators of drainage issues on and around your property. Consistent exposure to water will, over time, wash away healthy soil. The results are unhealthy grass and overall damaged landscaping.

Eventually, compacted, poor-quality soil becomes arid—not to mention that repairing eroded soil costs a lot. If you see signs of poor landscape conditions on or around your property, seek a better drainage system immediately.

Standing Surface Water

Standing water is exactly what its name suggests: surface water that rests on your landscaping in the form of puddles. Now, some puddles on your property are normal, but when they’re significant in size, they pose many problems.

These issues include attracting insects, rendering a lawn unusable, bad odors, and foundational damage. Additionally, it reduces the quality of soil overall. If you see excessive standing water on your property, invest in a more comprehensive slot drain.

Foundation Damage

Of all the signs indicating that you need to install slot drains, foundational damage is perhaps the most prevalent. If you’re unfamiliar, signs of foundational issues present in the following ways: cracks in the foundation itself, wall separation, and cabinet separation.

Additionally, musty basements mean there is a potential for flooding, which leads to even worse foundational damages. If you notice these problems, seek professional repairs immediately. Additionally, install new slot drains to prevent damages going forward.

Having a competent slot drain system in place ensures your soil, building, and landscaping stays protected from erosion issues. Understanding how to know you need a slot drain on your property can save you thousands of dollars in repairs and a whole lot of heartache. Consider our inventory here at Vodaland for all your drainage needs!

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