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Loading dock trench drains

Vodaland offers heavy-duty loading dock trench drains to direct moisture away from the building and its loading ramps. When you keep the area dry, you ensure more efficient transfer between the trailer and the facility. 

Why Loading Dock Trench Drains Are Important 

Loading areas present unique challenges when it comes to excess water flow. Many dock ramps slope downward to simplify the loading and unloading process, but this ultimately leads to more water pooling at the bottom. A trench drain system ensures that the base of the ramps remains clear of water. 

A trench drain is also the most effective choice for this application due to its extensive surface area. Rather than one drainage point, a trench drain offers a wide channel for water to flow through. The width you choose for your system will depend on how much surface runoff you need to accommodate. A wider system will drain the area faster during heavy rainfall. 

No loading dock drain system is the same—the appropriate specifications may differ between facilities. Consider the average rainfall in your area, the pitch of your loading dock ramps, and the layout of your facility to determine the best choice. If you need help selecting the right trench drain for your loading dock, let us know, and we can point you in the right direction. 

Maximum Load-Bearing Capabilities 

The load rating is key when you’re purchasing a loading dock trench drain. Your drain’s grate will see heavy traffic, so it needs to be strong enough to support it. Most commonly used are D and E load classes. At Vodaland, we have options in various dimensions. Our heavy-duty INDUSTRIAL TRENCH DRAINS are made of steel reinforced plastic with ductile cast iron created to withstand excess loads. 

Browse our trench drain systems to find the right fit for your loading dock. You can trust our high-quality drains to provide maximum durability and functionality for your facility. 

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