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The Solution To Storm Water In Your Garage Or Driveway

When water leaks into your garage or floods your driveway, we recommend using a trench drain to remove it. Below are step by step instructions on how to do so:

STEP 1 - Define a location and length.

Find where the water is coming from and where the area the water is collecting. Based on this, you will need to decide on the length and location of your trench drain system.

STEP 2 - What should be the width of your channel?

In most cases, 4" channels will get the job done. However, if you have a substantial amount of water coming in, then you may need to choose a 6" or 8" system.

STEP 3 - Where to direct the water?

If you just install a trench drain system and do not redirect water to another area, then the water will not go away and collect in your system. Thus, you will need to decide where you want to re-direct water.

Our trench drain channels have the ability to connect a pipe from all sides (bottom, side or and cap outlet). Make sure you decide first on which side you plan to connect your pipe to move water to the desired area.

 STEP 4 - Load class of your trench drain?

We do not recommend to use A Class (pedestrian traffic, bicycles, carts). Since you have vehicle traffic on your driveway, as well as parking, we recommend using B or C class trench drain systems. The grating type may also vary based on your preferences: plastic, galvanized steel, or cast iron. 

All the installation schemes and videos are posted in the installation documents section of our website.

Please call us for details if you have questions.

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