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5 Side Effects of Poor Erosion Control on Your Property

Erosion is a natural phenomenon that happens over time, and you should expect it no matter the environment. However, advanced erosion can occur without proper protection and cause many issues for you and your land.

The factors responsible for erosion include weather conditions like excessive rainfall and snowstorms, a lack of diverse vegetation, an improper or ineffective foundation, and topography. These inconveniencies become much more common and dangerous when coupled with a constantly changing climate.

You should deal with these problems before they happen or immediately after they become present. Otherwise, severe damages will inevitably develop. Here are five side effects of poor erosion control on your property.

Topsoil Erosion

If you’re a person who loves to plant colorful flowers and other greenery around your home or place of business, you understand the importance of topsoil. This layer is the most fertile, and your land becomes barren without it.

Even if you aren’t an avid gardener, topsoil erosion is catastrophic for your property. A lack of vegetation makes the soil more vulnerable to erosion, accelerating the problem and causing more detrimental damages over time.

Increased Water Pressure

There’s water underneath the Earth’s surface, and it benefits millions of people worldwide because it’s safe and clean. This water table doesn’t typically affect the foundation. However, it can cause serious issues when coupled with erosion.

When an excessive amount of water builds beneath your property, the pressure in the ground increases. This causes the surrounding land to move erratically, which stresses your home. The movement then leads to cracks in the foundation and puts basements at risk of flooding.

Moisture Damage

Along with increased pressure, excess groundwater also negatively impacts your home. The most vulnerable part of your house is the basement, but water damage can actually travel through walls, affecting all areas of your abode.

Without proper surface drainage products, you risk issues with your floorboards, baseboards, and other vital structures. If you notice any dampness on your carpets or in your wallpaper, the chances are that you have a problem.

Reduced Property Value

Homes are among the most important and valuable assets we’ll ever own. The housing market is constantly in flux, but there are aspects of depreciation that we can control to ensure our properties are still profitable.

Without erosion protection, your land will quickly lose its value. And who wants a house or office that lies over a shaky foundation? Make sure you stay informed on progressive erosion. Hopefully, you’ll make a significant profit if you choose to sell the property one day.

Long-Term Degradation

As you can see, there are many negative results of erosion. These issues cost lots of money to resolve and create a load of stress. The worst part is that these problems become far worse over time without action.

Foundational damage is progressive, and the phenomenon accelerates when you don’t intervene. After enough time, your land quality might degrade to a point where it’s extremely difficult to save.

Don’t let these five side effects of poor erosion control on your property cost you money and cause you unneeded stress. Vodaland offers quality drainage protects guaranteed to protect your land and your most valuable assets.

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