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    Sku: 994001
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    Specification and Downloads

    • 2-3/8" (60mm) width mini slot drain
    • 5/8" (17mm) opening width
    • 3-7/8" (100mm) total height of slot drain and channel
    • Stainless steel provides chemical and corrosion resistance
    • ADA / Heel Proof compliant cover available (optional at checkout)
    • Use: pools, patios, balconies, & decks

    Product Description

    Our mini slot channel is made of stainless steel and has a standard length of 3.28 feet. The slot and channel come as one unit with an approximate height of 4". The size of slot opening is 5/8" and has the option for ADA/Heel proof compliant cover that is removable even after installation. Application: designed for pools and patios but can be used in any application where a smaller slot drain is needed. Perfect for use with concrete pours, stone, paver, or tile. 



    Channels come standalone with no accessories but there are several additional options to include to build your system:

    • Slot basins (straight through or 90-degree)
    • Channel connector (channels do not connect independently and will need a connector to form a system)
    • 90 Degree adapter channel (grate option available for adapter channel)
    • End-caps (closed or with outlet)
    • Removable slot cover grates (ADA/Heel Proof available)
    • Installation brackets
    • Cleaning tool


    Article ................ 994001

    Length ............... 39-3/8 inch (1 m) 

    Material ............. Stainless Steel

    Load Class ....... A-C (Pedestrian & Vehicle Loads)


    Installation Videos

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