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    Specification and Downloads

    • lightweight paving system
    • used for walking paths, patios, shed base, and more...
    • Snap & Lock connection
    • ADA & UV complaint
    • Temperature: -40+40 C
    • Filled with gravel (1/2" recommended) or grass
    • Anchors available for slope and traffic installations

    Product Description

    Vodaland's - HEXpave plastic permeable paving grid system has 1" in height and can withstand medium loads when filled with gravel which is equivalent of a load class B (residential parking). Our HEXpave system provides many options:


    TRUE Lock Connection - you simply snap them together and hear a click when they are firmly connected. Very simple and reliable connection. Can be manually unlocked if needed.

    Our HEXpave grid system has micro abrasion on the top of the grid which prevents slipping or traction issues.

    Our HEXpave Anchors (optional) designed to hold the system into the ground for best reliability. These anchors are mandatory for applications which will see pedestrian of vehicle traffic.

    The system is 100% permeable, so water penetrates directly through the bottom of the system into the ground. No chance for erosion. Can be planted with the grass.

    Our price and free shipping for all the orders above $299 will deliver additional savings to your project.


    • Patios, Pathways
    • Pad, Shed Bases, Horse Paddocks and etc.
    • Light Vehicle Parking Areas


    • Grass / Sod
    • Pea Gravel / Gravel
    • Soil / Sand


    • SAMPLE = 2 Units
    • 65 SQ FT = 22 Units
    • 325 SQ FT = 110 Units
    • 975 SQ FT = 330 Units
    • 1450 SQ FT = 488 Units
    • 4350 SQ FT = 1464 Units


    Article ............... 8102-BK

    Material ............ 100% Recyclable Polyethylene

    Coverage ......... 1 unit covers 3 SQ FT

    Dimensions ...... 23"L x 20"W x 1"H (all area usable)

    Installation Videos

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