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Specification and Downloads

  • Perfect for kitchens, plants, wineries, and sanitary locations
  • Composed of high-grade stainless steel
  • Reversible ADA gratings for anti-slip option on the entire system
  • Comes with channel, grates, and end caps
  • Chemical, Acid, and corrosion resistant
  • Equipped with leveling rebar brackets already on the system
  • V-Convex bottom enables faster water movement
  • С Class load rated for heavy-duty load
  • Can be used with our 100% Stainless steel inline basin

Product Description

Vodaland’s 8” STAINLESS trench drain is a fully stainless steel drain for applications with high sanitary requirements and the need to move large volumes of water. Each drain and grate is made of 100% stainless steel, and has an internal width of 8” (10” external). The grates are reversible: with one side being a non-slip texture for safe pedestrian traffic, and the other being smooth surface for wheeled traffic (i.e pump trucks, dollies, etc).

Channels connect through the use of nuts and bolts for a leak-proof seal.

Customers can choose between a 0.5% pre sloped system of a neutral sloped system. Each drain is one meter in length (3.28ft) and connect together for a maximum length of 15 meters (49.21ft) for each option. Neutral and sloped channels can be used in combination for a total maximum length of 30 meters (98.43ft).

This trench drain system offers standard trench drains, 90-degree trench drains, T-shape trench drains, and inline catch basins to meet all design requests from clients. If you need assistance of setting up your system, a Vodaland representative is always available to help.

This system is great for: kitchens, food plants, butcheries, wineries, breweries, sanitary plants, industrial facilities, and more.

Article ................ 8SSP
Material ............. Stainless Steel (including bolts)
Width ................. 8" Internal / 10" external
Depth ................. Vary based on design requests and project limitations
Load Class ....... C Class (Heavy Duty Load)


Stainless Steel Channels (qty depends total length)
Stainless Steel Double Sided Grate (qty depends on total length)
Stainless Steel Nuts and Bolts

** Please contact us for any additional requests or clarifications

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