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Specification and Downloads

This adapter is used to provide with 90-degree turn on a slot grate. It is made of stainless steel and it comes with a top end cap. 

Product Description

These adapters are used for 90-degree turns using our 4" slot drain systems. When the channels connect, there is a gap created between the merging slot drains. These units are used to fill the gap and provide a seamless look to your system. They are made using stainless steel, and can be provided with a cap to match with those purchasing covers for their slots.

We offer different versions of the adapters for all of our plastic slot drain systems

  • Standard Slot Drain 90-degree adapter: Slot drain, standard stainless or Slot drain, standard galvanized
  • Micro slot drain 90-degree adaptor: Slot drain, micro stainless or Slot drain, micro galvanized

If you're installing a 90-degree slot drain, you will need this adapter.

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