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    Specification and Downloads

    • 12" Internal - 14" External 1% Pre Slope Trench System
    • E & F Class Rated For Extra Heavy Duty Loads
    • Made of fiber-reinforced concrete
    • Comes with channel, grating, end caps with outlet, and installation brackets (product details below)
    • Price per system decreases with channel length
    • More details below 

    Product Description

    Our MEGA 300FC trench drains come with removable E and F load class ductile cast-iron gratings and rebar installation brackets to simplify the installation process. The more linear feet that you order, the more that the price of the whole system will decrease. This system has the option of being fitted with a 0.5%, 1%, or cascading internal slope built in. The fiber concrete has the ability to withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures, and a galvanized stamped steel edge is attached for the cast iron bolt down mechanism and for weight reinforcement. This system comes classified as either an E or F load class which means it can withstand loads up to and including 134,800 and 202,320 LBS per foot respectively. It is ideal for extra heavy-duty applications such as airport runways and seaport jobs. All concrete systems include end caps for your project and the concrete rebar installation brackets.



    Article ................12FCCIGEF

    Material ............. Fiber Concrete / Steel / Ductile Cast Iron

    Dimensions ....... 39.4"L x 14.125"W - 1000mm x 360mm

    Load Class ....... E & F Class - 134,800 & 202,320 LBS (Extra Heavy Duty Load)



    - Number of channels required to meet length

    2 - Rebar Installation Brackets (1 per system ordered)

    2 - End Caps per ORDER (extra end caps available once added to the cart)