Placeholder 4" Plastic trench drain (BASE 100P), plastic grate, 4" depth, B class buy in Canada | Vodaland Canada
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    Specification and Downloads

    • This is the best choice for driveways
    • Package includes plastic grate, channel, grating fasteners
    • 2 end caps are included for free with entire order
    • 4" internal width high-density plastic grate
    • Channel depth - 5.4"
    • PVC or corrugated pipe connections available:  4" on the bottom and 4" on the end cap
    • Channels connect end to end to create a line
    • Each channel has a 90-degree connection available (no adapters)
    • Vehicle load rated
    • Recommended to purchase 2 mounting brackets and 4 supports per trench drain (sold separately)

    Product Description

    Vodaland’s 4” Base plastic trench drain has a 4” internal width (6” external), and a 3.28ft (1 meter) length. This trench drain has a 4” internal depth (5-3/8” external). This trench drain comes with a B-class plastic grate. The B load class is designed to withstand residential vehicle traffic. The plastic channels connect easily into one another to form the customer’s desired length of run. Each channel features a 90-degree connection option so that the system can turn at corners. 1 channel, 2 grates, 2 fasteners, and 2 screws are included in each unit purchased. 2 end caps are included for free with the entire order. Common applications: driveways, garages, parking lots, small-scale auto shops and car washes.



    Article ................ 0801218021PK

    Material ............. PPE Plastic / High Density Plastic 

    Dimensions ....... 39.4"L x 6.1"W x 5.4"H

    Load Class ....... B - Residential Vehicle Loads


    - Channel

    2 - High-density plastic grate

    2 - Grating fasteners

    2 - End caps PER ORDER*

    * extra and caps at checkout

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