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    Specification and Downloads

    • Permeable paving system
    • Used for driveways, parking pads, shed base, and more...
    • Snap & Lock connection on all four sides of grid
    • ADA & UV complaint
    • Temperature: -40+40 C
    • Filled with gravel (1/2" recommended) or grass
    • Anchors available for slope and incline installations

    Product Description

    Vodaland's EasyPave permeable plastic gravel grid system has 2" in height and can withstand loads up to 88,000 pounds (filled with the aggregate) which is equivalent of a load class D (heavy duty parking). Our EasyPave system comes in three colours -  Black, Green, and Grey and it provides many unique features:

    "S" Turn Grid Design - The EasyPave system was designed with a wave-like pattern that narrows at where the plastic converges for additional support. This results in a strong grid that can support ultra heavy loads such as trucks, forklifts, and heavy machinery. 

    Slide & Lock Connection - Our grids are designed so there is no possibility of accidental disconnection. Competing products feature push-down connection which can result in the grids separating when driven over. Our EasyPave grids connect horizontally, preventing any type of pressure above or below from causing a disconnect.

    Anchor System (Optional) - Our EasyPave plastic driveway pavers come with the option of using installation anchors; a feature not often included by competitors. These anchors provide additional support during installation by preventing the grids from shifting during the pouring of aggregate. Once installed, it continues to provide ongoing support to the grid by holding it firmly to the ground. The anchors are mandatory for applications that will have vehicle traffic.

    Aggregate and Permeability - The system is 100% permeable, so water penetrates directly through the bottom of the system into the ground. No chance for erosion by any climate or by continuous transportation of heavy loads. Allows for the use of soil and grass growth, which can reduce the visibility of the grid and provide a seamless look with the rest of your yard.

    Cost - The price is unbeatable by competitors whose products also can't match the EasyPave plastic gravel grid in height, load class, design, and ease of installation. Our price and free shipping for all the orders above $199 will deliver additional savings to your project.

    We do recommend ordering 10-15% in overage for your project, as the dimensions of the grid and your installation may not match exactly.


    • Patios, Pathways
    • Heavy Duty & Sloped Driveways (Grass or Gravel)
    • Parking Lots (Works Great for Temporary Parking Lots)
    • Sheds & Pad Bases


    • Grass / Sod
    • Pea Gravel / Gravel
    • Soil / Sand


    • SAMPLE = 2 Units
    • 35 SQ FT = 14 Units
    • 315 SQ FT = 126 Units
    • 825 SQ FT = 320 Units
    • 1650 SQ FT = 640 Units
    • 4950 SQ FT = 1920 Units


    Article ............... 8100

    Colour ............... Black/Green/Grey

    Material ............ 100% Recyclable Polyethylene

    Dimensions ...... 24 3/4"L x 17 1/8"W x 2"H

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