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    Specification and Downloads

    • Used for for paddocks, farms, kennels, and more
    • Unit size: 6.65 FT (2m) x 11.15 FT (3.4m)
    • Each unit covers 73.2 sq ft (6.8 m2)
    • Filled with gravel (1/2" or less recommended)

    Product Description

    Vodaland’s FarmGrid is designed as an innovative solution for unstable and muddy terrain by improving the surface level, traction, and overall appearance of your property. It is most often used in applications such as: paddocks, farms, stables, kennels, and outdoor walkways. However, the FarmGrid was designed with versatility in mind, and can be used in a wide variety of applications.

    Our FarmGrid is available in a 3” height, and each unit covers 6.5ft x 11ft (approx. 70 sqft) when fully expanded. The grid is made from high-quality polyethylene with a wall thickness of 1.5mm, and is resistant to UV light, salt solutions, and most chemicals. This will ensure superior strength and longevity in demanding outdoor environments.

    The difference between our FarmGrid and our normal Geo Ground Grids is the size of cells and the make-up of cell walls. The cell diameter of our FarmGrid is smaller so that it provides better load support for animal hooves, paws, etc, while our Geo Ground Grid is larger for better load support of vehicles. The cell walls are also a solid plastic without permeation holes, so that the grid can be used above ground to provide a raised surface above your surrounding muddy terrain.,


    Article ............... 87075

    Height .............. 3"

    Material ............ Modified Polyethylene

    Coverage ......... 73.2 SQ FT (6.8 m2)

    Dimensions ...... 6.56 FT (2m) x 11.15FT (3.4 m)


    1 - FarmGrid

    - Pack of 50 zip ties

    Installation Videos

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