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Signs You Need New Catch Basins

Catch basins are plastic or concrete boxes with grates on top and a drainage pipe that slants away from the basin. They are set into residential, business, or municipal landscapes or hardscapes to drain low places or carry water away from downspouts without allowing debris such as twigs, leaves, sediment, and mud to travel out through the drainage pipe and into municipal storm sewers. They help keep stormwater moving to where it is supposed to go without plugging up the sewers with debris. Instead of running out the drainpipe, debris and sediment sink to the bottom of the catch basin. 

Catch basins require regular maintenance. You should remove debris when it reaches one third the depth from the basin’s bottom to the inlet or outlet pipe. Be mindful that the debris and water you remove may contain pollutants. Follow local regulations about how to dispose of solids; you can simply dump water into a toilet or other drain that leads to the sanitary sewer. Know where the outflow of your catch basin leads. If it goes to a natural area such as a pond or stream that retains rainwater, post a “no dumping” sign so others won’t pour liquid contaminants such as chemicals or oil into the basin.

Never leave the grate open unattended, and don’t climb down into a catch basin. Store chemicals safely so they don’t enter stormwater runoff.

Even with proper maintenance, catch basins can age and fail. If you regularly experience heavy storms that overwhelm your catch basin, causing debris to block the outflow and water to rise out of the basin, you may need a larger or additional catch basin to handle the flow. Other signs you need a new catch basin include water pooling around the edges of the basin or water getting into the basin around the edges of the grate, as this indicates your basin could be damaged.

Freezing can cause basins or the edges around their grates to crack, allowing water to penetrate to the concrete beneath or saturate the area around your basin. If an inflow or drainpipe should freeze and crack or collapse, it can cause a sinkhole around your basin. A qualified, professional plumber can usually repair sinkholes if they address them quickly. Faulty catch basins situated in asphalt parking lots or driveways can cause damage to the surrounding pavement. If the grate rises above the level of the hardscape, it creates a tripping hazard, and you must repair or replace the basin.

Vodaland can supply a plastic catch basin in various sizes with an appropriate grate. Call us today to discuss your needs for your residential or commercial drainage system.

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