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Driveway trench drains

Whether you’re a homeowner or a residential contractor, there are many reasons to consider installing a trench drain system in your driveway. At Vodaland Canada, we offer the most comprehensive drain selection, so you can find the perfect system to protect your garage from moisture. Our driveway trench drains are extremely durable, providing efficient drainage for your property.

The Benefits of Trench Drain Systems for Driveways

The rainy season can be a dangerous time for homeowners, especially if the driveway’s pitch naturally directs water toward the house. When excessive moisture seeps into a property’s foundation, it can lead to expensive repair work down the road. Many people also use garages for storage—these items are at risk of flood damage if water flow gets out of control.

Driveway trench drains intercept water before it reaches the garage, directing moisture away from the foundation and protecting the property owner’s home and belongings. They’re worthwhile investments for any home, but they’re especially useful in areas that see a lot of rain.

How to Choose the Right Driveway Trench Drain

The appropriate drain depends on several factors. The amount of expected moisture is an important one. Driveways on hills have a greater risk of flooding than those on flatter lands, and as such, the former may need heavier-duty systems to accommodate the water flow. The location of the property may also affect the width and depth you choose.

Another important thing to consider is the load capacity of your drain grate. Most driveways accommodate nothing heavier than a pickup truck or SUV, but it’s important to install a driveway trench drain that can support weights that exceed those of the average vehicle. Repair trucks, maintenance vehicles, and moving vans may damage the grate if it can’t support the load. 

If you want to learn more about the trench drains we have to offer, browse our selection and let us know if you have any questions. You can also, check the load classifications to understand your load requirements.  Our expert team is happy to guide you to the right drainage system for your property.

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