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Residential Permeable Pavers

Residential Permeable Pavers

If you want to provide your home with proper drainage to avoid property damage, residential permeable pavers can help to protect your home from water damage.

What Is a Permeable Paver?

A permeable paver is a porous surface for patios, driveways, and walkways that allows water and moisture to seep through into the soil below. They reduce runoff and minimize the risk of flooding to prevent water damage from occurring in your yard and home, especially if you live in a region that receives heavy rainfall.

  • - Patios
  • - Shed Floors
  • - Driveways
  • - Paddocks

EasyPave gives you the option to choose for the fill, either grass or gravel, for light loads. Both are flush with the existing surrounding surface for a seamless transition. Either paving solution is perfect for projects that need ground stabilization and soil erosion control.

Benefits of Permeable Driveway Pavers

Paving solutions for driveways or any surface on your property can benefit your home in many ways:

  • - Rain, snow, and ice won’t collect on the surface. Instead, moisture returns to the ground, creating a sustainable draining system in urban and suburban environments and adding to your town’s groundwater supply.
  • - Residential permeable pavers help protect our waterways from pollutants. How? Chemicals like oil gather on paver stones and wash away into groundwater during a rainfall. Permeable pavers filter out these pollutants through their many levels of aggregate.
  • - They’re also more durable than traditional paving stones. Permeable driveway pavers won’t crack or split over time like stone or concrete pavers. Asphalt driveway pavers might initially be less costly, but you’ll need to replace them more regularly when compared to the average lifespan of a permeable paving solution.

Find Paving Solutions at Vodaland

Residential permeable pavers can protect your property while helping your local community, too. You’ll reduce waterway pollutants and aid in refilling your municipality’s groundwater reserve. Contact us at Vodaland to learn more about how your property can benefit from permeable paving products.

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