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    Swimming pool trench drains

    Indoor and outdoor areas with swimming pools require reliable drainage systems to keep water in the pool where it belongs. There are many things to consider when you’re choosing a system for your application—at Vodaland, we can help you select the right swimming pool trench drain for your needs.  

    What Do Pool Trench Drains Do? 

    Whether you’re a landscaper, contractor, plumber, or homeowner, you need a trench drain system that works well with pools and patio environments. Pool deck trench drains collect water and direct it to a safer output location. This prevents the deck surface from becoming slippery and hazardous.  

    Excess water on the pool deck can also lead to mold growth or surface stains. Pool trench drains are even more useful in outdoor areas because they can collect rainwater that might otherwise drain right into your pool. 

    What Size or Type Should You Choose? 

    Outdoor residential pools or large community pools should have wider trench drains to accommodate higher volumes of water from pool use and rain. Because interior pools don’t have to deal with weather elements, you can typically get away with a smaller trench drain system.  

    It’s also important to select the right drain grate. Swimming pool trench drains don’t necessarily need to support heavy loads, but they do see a lot of barefoot traffic. You should choose a grate that’s slip-resistant, and the openings should be small enough that children’s toes won’t get stuck. Another common option is to use a SLOT DRAIN—its narrower footprint is a great option for swimming pools. The width is smaller than a traditional trench drain, but it still accommodates a substantial flow of water. Depending on your environment, your trench drain may also need to support pool lounge furniture, so make sure to consider this as well when you’re choosing your system.  

    Depending on your output point, a sloped drain might be necessary to effectively carry the water to the correct source. If you have any questions about the appropriate swimming pool trench drain system for your residential or commercial pool, contact us for assistance.  

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