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Cast Iron manhole covers

Vodaland's Cast Iron manhole covers are designed to provide access to essential underground utilities, including oil/water separators, all while maintaining the aesthetics of your space. Our manhole covers are coated with rust-proof paint, improving the longevity of the aesthetics of the product. These access covers are built to withstand heavy loads.

What is it made from?

Our manhole covers are made from cast iron, and they are designed to withstand heavy loads.

What is the purpose of it?

Manholes are essential underground access points for septic tanks, separators, sewer systems, electrical wiring, and other utility installations. To ensure safety and prevent unwanted access to these areas, manhole covers are the go-to solution. Vodaland's durable manhole covers are designed to fit perfectly and provide easy access when required. They come with a high load class rating that can withstand heavy loads like commercial vehicles.

How does it open?

Vodaland has got you covered with high-quality products designed for easy access and reliable performance.

Our round covers require the removal of a single screw and pulling it open around the hinge. The lid can then slide off the hinge entirely by holding it at a 5–15-degree angle. If you need to lock the manhole cover in a vertical position, opening it to a 90-degree angle will do the trick. 

It's important to note that opening the manhole beyond that point will leave it open, but not locked in position. 

How do I install the cover?

The manhole cover has many bolt-down spots on its edge to secure it to whichever area it is covering. From there, customers can silicone seal the frame to the ground beneath to prevent any possibility of leaks. Lastly, you then encase the frame and cover in surrounding concrete.

Available load classes for our Manhole Covers:

Load Class C -Commercial vehicle traffic, residential vehicle parking, buses, and medium duty commercial equipment.

Load Class D - Highway road traffic and standard commercial equipment.

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Vodaland's manhole covers are designed for easy installation and reliability. Whether you need to cover holes, our round covers or square covers can be easily anchored to a concrete slab, pad, or risers. Additionally, you can seal them with polymer or silicone sealant to an existing base material for added security. Despite their robust construction, they are also lightweight, weighing only 25 lbs, making them easy to handle.

With a bolting lock mechanism, our manhole covers are easy to open while still being connected to their frame, providing easy access when needed. Thanks to UV protection, their colors will remain stable, allowing them to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -60C to +60C.

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Cast iron manhole cover - round (D Class)

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