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    Food processing & sanitary

    Meant for facilities that deal with high temperature and acidic liquids. These are fully stainless systems that can be used in commercial environments for use with high water flows and heavy traffic. Each trench drain is a meter length per unit, and connect together through mechanical fastening. Available in 0.5% slope and no slope. Outlets are available from the end caps or from the bottom of the compatible stainless steel catch basins.

    What is the purpose of this system? What projects is it most often used for?

    We offer this system as a fully stainless-steel trench drain for projects that cannot use our plastic or concrete channels. These are most often used in projects that require high temperature cleaning like with food processing or breweries.

    Is this sloped?

    We offer channels with either a 1% slope or no slope. Customers can use these types of channels together in a cascade system which will provide a 0.5% slope.

    What is the point of a reversible grate?

    The grate on our stainless system is reversible, with one side being smooth and the other being slip-proof. The slip-proof side is for pedestrian foot traffic since it provides extra grip on the grate. The other side is smooth to allow for vehicle traffic without damage to wheels.

    What outlet options do I have?

    You can end your trench drain run with either an end cap or with a catch basin. We offer an open version of our end cap with a vertical 4” outlet. The catch basin features a vertical 4” outlet on the bottom as well.

    Available load classes for our trench drains:

    Load Class A - Pedestrian foot traffic.

    Load Class B - Residential vehicle traffic (no parking) and yard equipment.

    Load Class C - Commercial vehicle traffic, residential vehicle parking, buses, and medium duty commercial equipment. 

    For more info on load classes click on the link:

    Stainless steel grate

    Reversible stainless steel grate used with our fully stainless steel trench drain system. Designed for commercial use, and features a non-slip side for pedestrian traffic, and a smooth side to prevent damage to forklift wheels.

    4" STAINLESS trench drain

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