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    Garden Edging

    Vodaland's garden border edging is designed to be a more reliable and durable option that what you would find online or at any hardware store. Meant for use in a variety of landscaping applications, the edging is primarily installed for containment or separation of areas in your yard. We prioritize our edging to be quick, simple, and cost effective to make installation easy and stress-free.

    What are our edgings made of?

    Our plastic border edging is made of high quality HDPE for superior durability. The edging is UV resistant to prevent sun damage, and made of high density plastic to withstand against weather, pedestrian traffic, and weight of any aggregate.

    What accessories do I need?

    Our edging systems are designed to be an all-in-one package with no additional accessories needed. Our flexible plastic edging comes with 18 anchors and 3 connectors to create any shape necessary. The edging itself can also be used in combination with our permeable paving grids, geo ground grids, or our geo-textile.


    Pedestrian loads only

    While our plastic edging is made with durability in mind, it is designed primarily for garden and yard use. The grid can handle pedestrian traffic, but cannot be used in applications where vehicles may pass-over. The edging can still be used to surround driveways in non-traffic areas.

    Plastic (No-Dig) Garden Landscape Edging

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