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Mega channel drain

Vodaland's heavy-duty product series, to provide clients with peace of mind in the most extreme of environments. These trench drains can handle very heavy and frequent traffic using thick ductile cast iron and durable steel reinforcements. Each unit is a meter length, and mutiple units connect together to match the length you require. Channels are available in polymer concrete and fiber concrete.

What is the length of each trench drain?

All Vodaland trench drains are 1-meter (3.28ft) lengths. Trench drains can be connected together for longer runs, and units can be cut to match specific sizing requirements.

What is the dimension referred to in the title of each product?

The dimension shown in the title represents the internal width of the channel, and the same applies to the depth sizes shown for each channel. External dimensions vary for each type of channel, and customers can view external dimensions through the spec drawings provided on each product page.

How do I connect the trench drains together?

We design all of our trench drain channels to be connectable with each other via male-to-female connections. Depending on model, your trench drain may either “click” together, or simply fit together for connection. It is very important that all connections are silicone sealed.

How do I connect piping?

We recommend purchasing a rubber coupling with clamps for connection between our outlets and your piping. This coupler will need to be purchased elsewhere.

Do these need to be encased in concrete?

Vodaland recommends that all our trench drains be encased in concrete for best reliability. For this product series, being encased in concrete is necessary.

What is the max/min temperatures that the channels can handle?

Our plastic trench drains are suitable for temperatures between -40 to +45 degrees Celsius, our polymer concrete and fiber concrete can handle -50 to +80. Our installation method accounts for seasonal temperature changes through the use of expansion joints.

Do your trench drain channels have slope?

The fiber concrete and polymer concrete channels are offered with no slope, 0.5% slope, or 1% slope depending on which size of channel. Contact a Vodaland representative if you need further assistance with this matter.

Available load classes for our Mega trench drains:

Load Class E - Heavy-duty road traffic and heavy-duty commercial equipment

Load Class F - Extremely heavy machinery and airport loads.

For more info on load classes click on the link:

Pro trench drains differ from Base plastic trench drains in the features that allow for higher load classes. 

Mega trench drains feature a thicker ductile cast iron grate, and on the larger units also features a stronger set of steel reinforcements.

Our Mega (commercial/industrial) trench drains feature different sizes and depths of polymer concrete, or fibre concrete channels with steel reinforced edges and bolted cast iron grating. They can be easily connected with our Mega inline sand trap basins.

If you are dealing with heavy-duty loads, our industrial-strength trench drains are the best choice due to their unbeatable durability, strength, and cost-savings.

Some of our Mega channels are neutral (no slope), but if it requires a slope, we are offering cascade installation method which connects channels with different depth inline, creating an artificial slope. Contact us for help with a cascade installation.

4.5" Concrete trench drain (MEGA 110FC), D-E Class

4.5" Polymer concrete trench drain (MEGA 110PC), E Class

6.5" Concrete trench drain (MEGA 160FC), E-F Class

6.5" Polymer concrete trench drain (MEGA 160PC), E Class

8" Concrete trench drain (MEGA 200FC), E-F Class

8" Polymer concrete trench drain (MEGA 200PC), E-F Class

12" Concrete trench drain (MEGA 300FC), E-F Class

12" Polymer concrete trench drain (MEGA 300PC), E-F Class

16" Concrete trench drain (MEGA 400FC), E-F Class

20" Concrete trench drain (MEGA 500FC), E-F Class

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