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Different Slot Drain Applications

Where there’s water, there is a need for a drain system. A slot drain is one type of linear drainage system with applications for both indoor and outdoor use. The primary difference between a slot drain and a trench drain is width: slot drains are much narrower, and unlike trench drains, some slot drains have no grating on top (although grating is available for some slot drains, if needed). Here are some of the places you may see different slot drain applications.


Most slot drains are subtle in design and are able to blend into landscape features. You may see these narrow, linear openings bordering fountains, gardens, playgrounds, and walks. Such a drain will appear as along the edge of the paved area. This type of application likely will not have a grate unless there is a possibility of heavy debris, like leaves, pine needles, or gravel, that could run into the drain and slow down water removal.

Heavy Load-Bearing Concrete Flooring

Forklifts and other mobile warehouse equipment can be extremely heavy. But concrete floors in such environments still get wet from spills and through regular washing and clean up. Grates on wider trench drains might not endure heavy traffic without cracking or breaking. Some trench drain grates also are subject to rust, which can weaken them. Although stronger grates are available, they can be expensive. That’s where slot drains come in—they allow water and other liquids to drain while the concrete floor bears most of the weight.

Shower Rooms and Restaurant Kitchens

Slot drains make cleaning easier for areas that need frequent washing and sanitizing. With a conventional trench drain, the grating captures debris, which can also trap bacteria. Piled-up leaves and organic debris is susceptible to mold as well. Slot drains carry water away without the need for lifting and separately cleaning grating. Special cleaning paddles drive debris along the slot drain to clear any buildup without disassembling components of the drain.

Car Washes, Auto Shops, Barns, and Processing Plants

Slot drains are useful to channel water and other liquids away from areas with heavy traffic and a near constant flow of water for cleaning and removing debris. Slot drains carry away water and detergent from car washes, hosed-down dust and sand in barns, and overflow from watering troughs.

Different slot trench drains vary by application; the width of the surface opening may be narrower or wider depending on where the drain will be installed. The subsurface channel is also available in various widths. Slot drains install along walls, within brick or concrete paving, or in mini versions for thin paving materials or smaller areas. Contact Vodaland for information on what slot drain application might be best for your project.

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