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3 Proper Drainage Solutions for Your Infinity Pool

Infinity pools are a captivating sight, especially in your own home. While an infinity pool is more eye-catching than a traditional backyard pool, there are some caveats you should know before deciding to install one in your home.

Design plays big with these aesthetically arresting pools; drainage is a significant factor because, without the right drain, the optical illusion doesn't work. Find out more about the proper drainage solutions for your infinity pool.

How Infinity Pools Work

Can you swim over the edge of an infinity pool? You can’t—the waterfall edge is only an illusion. If you swim up to the edge of an infinity pool, you’ll find a wall. An unseen basin collects the water as it cascades over the side, and a pump circulates the collected water back into the pool. But without the correct drain, the optical illusion is ruined.

Why Drainage Is Important

Without a drainage system in place, the waterfall aspect of infinity pools would cause problems, such as cracked concrete, soil erosion, and thousands of wasted gallons of water.

Infinity Pool Drain Systems

You'll need a good drainage system that doesn't ruin the optical illusion for an infinity pool to work. Luckily, there are a few drainage systems you choose from for your pool: trench, spot, or slot drains.

Trench Drainage

Trench drainage, also called strip drains, is a very common pool drainage system. Installed directly against the edge, trench drains are long and narrow trenches covered with a grate.

Spot Drains

Don't have enough room for trench drains? You can use spot drains when there is a limited amount of space. Typically, you’ll need multiple spot drains that connect with underground pipes to drain away from the pool.

Slot Drainage

While spot and trench drains work well for other pools, there are some downsides for infinity pools, namely that the grates of trench drains can be unattractive, and spot drains might not be efficient enough. For an infinity pool installation, the best solution is slot drainage. It provides adequate drainage without the unsightly grates.

To learn more about using a slot drain system for your home, contact Vodaland. We can discuss the proper drainage solutions for your infinity pool.

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