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5 Advantages To Using Geo-Grid Material for Erosion Control

Drain systems are diverse since no one property is built the same. Finding the perfect option for your drainage needs might seem overwhelming, so understanding the different choices available to you is essential for making the right purchase.

Some erosion control methods include using a geo-grid, a geosynthetic material placed underneath impervious soil—it’s great for reinforcing soil. Read about the five advantages of using geo-grid material for your erosion control system.

Improved Bearing Capacity

Geosynthetic material offers a superior frictional resistance against soil that helps minimize subgrade lateral movement. By reducing outward stresses, inward forces are produced that add to a geo-grid’s bearing capabilities. This aspect of the geo-grid effectively slows the erosion process since the bearing capacity is far superior to non-geo-grid solutions.

Environmental Durability

Geo-grid is known for its longevity and efficiency, especially due to its exceptional environmental durability. The plastics used in geosynthetic materials have a lifespan of about 100 years! Outside factors such as rain, ice, heat, and even erosion itself won’t impact the performance of geosynthetics. That makes geo-grid a highly sustainable and cost-effective way to limit soil erosion.


Geo-grid is also as kind to your wallet as it is to the environment. Since geosynthetics provide an adequate solution to erosion, you won’t spend a ton of money on replacing problematic soil. Instead, geo-grid performs well regardless of your subgrade conditions.

Landscape Flexibility

By nature, a geo-grid is highly adaptable to its surrounding landscape. It is applicable in any situation, including sloped/warped surfaces. Additionally, it’s exceptionally effective in a wide range of materials and conditions, making it suitable for civil engineering projects.


Ultimately, the safety of your property and the individuals living/working there is your number one priority when combating erosion. Soil erosion can tank the value of a property and even render land uninhabitable! Furthermore, damaged soil can cause injuries to people due to tripping and slipping. Geo-grids are extremely effective at protecting infrastructure, residents, and workers.

As you can see, the advantages of using geo-grid materials as an erosion control system are plenty. Check out our collection of drainage control products here at Vodaland.

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